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April 03, 2009



"Hybrid zones of interest..." I love it! I too am reflecting on the intersections of my cooking and and other interests. Food and writing, food and travel, food and gardening, cooking and design.

Very interesting about the chickens and nettles. I had a chicken when I was growing up which laid a ton of super tasty eggs. The tree line at the back of my house was also thick with nettles. Now I understand why those eggs were so tasty! I would buy a bag of feed for the chicken so it always had some when it needed it but it would spend all day roaming the yard just like a dog and would feed on whatever it felt like.

Perhaps some hybrid egg and nettle dishes in the future?


if only my chickens liked the stinging nettles they have growing into their yard! they won't touch it! i'll be eager to see if yours like it. do be aware that nettles will spread! but if you and the chickens are eating it, that's not a bad thing, now is it? : )


I don't mean to be disrespectful but people in West are ignorant about not the theoretical benefits (since any crap vitamin claims to have 100 good vitamins minerals) but about the great ADDICTIVE taste the nettle food has and the great objective feeling of well being that the regular consumption produces. I've been looking badly for it but it's very hard to find.
Try this recipe:
1. Fill a pot completely with nettle and some water (preferably young if old just the tips). Wash it 5-10 times since it has sand.
2. Get the nettle out and fill the pot with 50% clean water. Boil the water. Stick the nettle in for 1 minute or so.
3. Get the nettle out and chop it thoroughly. In that water boil 2-3 cups of rice but not completely.Put the nettle back with 2-3 cloves of minced garlic and boil for few more minutes.
4. When done remove from fire and as it cools down add a bit of oil and salt. Make it watery since it thicken in time. Keep it in the fridge and warm it up. It's good for 2-3 days.

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  • Find mentuccia seeds
  • Set up a grey water system
  • Make butter with the kids
  • Make hot sauce
  • Make salami
  • Cure my own bacon


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