chicken dreams

When I was in Portland I went for a walk one day in a residential neighborhood not very far from the city center. Amidst all these manicured family homes I was surprised (and delighted!) to find a house on a large lot with a chicken coop plainly in view. I have wanted to raise chickens (and actually goats and sheep too) for almost all of my adult life, but it has always been impossible in whatever living situation I was in. But now for the first time I'm somewhere where I can actually pull it off and I'm getting pretty excited about the idea.

Years ago I used to check out books on raising poultry from
the library and would actually draw up theoretical designs for future
fantasy chicken coops. Oops–did I just say that out loud? I guess now I might as well confess that I'm still addicted to reading Backyard Chickens. Seeing this coop in Portland has really led me to start hatching a plan (sorry, I couldn't resist) for finally setting up a coop behind my garage. The joy I get from just thinking about this is really kind of embarrassing.

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