birthday dinner

Another big harvest of beans from the yard today which I was determined to cook fresh for tonight's belated birthday dinner for my father. I happened to see a recipe for Green Beans with Nectarines and Almonds on the Parties that Cook website, which is a company started by my friend Bibby Gignilliat. I honestly can't believe how delicious this dish turned out. The freshness of the beans plus the combination of flavors was outstanding.

When I was perusing all the recipes on her site I thought I'd save myself some time and make the whole meal from there. The last time I had dinner at Bibby's house she served the Chicken Spiedini with Halloumi and Salsa Verde and I couldn't stop myself from having second and third helpings. So I was happy to find that recipe posted on her site. (Note to Bibby: you have a typo in the title of recipe!)

While browsing there I also noticed a tasty sounding recipe for Quinoa Risotto with Dried Apricots and Mint. I liked the idea of this because my dad is diabetic and quinoa las a lot lower glycemic index than most grains (plus more protein) but the combination of flavors here seemed a little too sweet and Moroccan than the rest of the meal so I left out the dried apricots and changed the spices up a bit.

For dessert I was still feeling inspired by my trip to Portland so I decided to make a Berry Crisp which also had a lower glycemic index than average dessert recipe because it called for agave nectar instead of sugar. A great idea for my dad, but not sure I'd make this one again for myself.

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