purely pecan pancakes

Started my day with the flourless pecan pancake recipe from my friend, Carla’s blog, Local Forage. I have to admit I was a little nervous about these–kind of like when my vegetarian friends rave about the latest soy “sausage” they love–sure it tastes really good if you’ve completely forgotten what REAL sausage tastes like! Pancakes without grain raised my suspicions in the same way. But I’m always trying to find ideas for getting protein into my carbo-loving children, so I was up for the experiment. They were a success across the board, very rich and tasty. But you do have to set your expectations for something very different than the typical super-fluffy American pancake. These are thinner and denser but still delicious. I also fried them in coconut oil which added a nice flavor.

One helpful note: definitely cook over slightly lower heat than usual because I found it was easy for the batter to quickly carbonize and leave a really unpleasant burnt taste.

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