stalked by religion

Like a lot of people these days (at least in Northern California) I consider myself spiritual but not religious. So it's not like I go around looking for religious "signs." But something weird has been going on the past few days.

On Monday I was in the parking garage of the medical building of my kids' pediatrician and noticed this in the ashtray next to the elevator.

Then yesterday I had a breakfast meeting at Cafe Lo Cubano in San Francisco and this was my total at the register:

Then today I was at the Alemany Farmer's Market (BTW, for those of you interested in shopping there, my friend Carla just published a great guide to the market yesterday on her blog Local Forage that I highly recommend.) and on the way back to my car I noticed this:

And is that blood smeared all over the cone? What does this all mean? Weird.

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