yes we can!

I try to keep my personal life out of this blog but I've been going through some rough relationship stuff that's made it hard to write here lately (and probably for awhile to come). Without getting into it, I just wanted to give some kind of explanation for whatever lackluster (or plain lack of) content there is to come. Apologies in advance.

When I'm struggling with my own issues though I find it helpful to try and focus on the big picture, something outside of myself. So this weekend I drove four hours to Reno with three friends to volunteer for Obama's campaign in the battleground state of Nevada.

After the 2004 election I was so disheartened (depressed, devastated etc.) I felt compelled to make a short narrative film to express my concerns about what I saw happening in the United States. Little did I imagine that four years later we would have a Vice-Presidential candidate (I'm talking about Sarah Palin now) who is frighteningly reminiscent of the cautionary fictional character we created in the film. (Worse than my worst nightmare!)

This time I don't want to wake up on November 5th feeling sick to my stomach and trying to incite change after the damage has already been done. I want to participate in our democracy NOW while I can actually accomplish something. This is my country too, and it won't reflect me if I don't get out there and make myself heard and seen and counted. I hope everybody who can is doing the same.

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