The last few weeks have been all about the Halloween costumes. Of course the kids' first requests were for all the horrible commercial characters I can't seem to screen out of their radar no matter how hard I try–Spiderman etc. But once we got past that I was happy that both of them came up with fun, imaginative costume ideas–a king cobra and a jellyfish. I'm pretty sure the jellyfish idea came from the crazy jellyfish invasion we had at our local beach a few months ago, and king cobras, well I guess they're just cool and mean!

The cobra costume was definitely the more challenging project to figure out (the conceptual design always comes easily but then I really struggle with the "engineering" and pattern-making). The illuminated jellyfish was a lot of fun and came together better than I expected. At the last minute (literally, this afternoon) I decided to also give the cobra a little more 'wow" by giving him light-up eyes (LEDs that I wired to a small battery pack). Also a nice safety bonus when trick-or-treating!

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