yes we did!

Wow. What an amazing night. A friend and I went to watch the election returns at one of my usual SF hangouts, Farmer Brown. That place just always seems to feel "right" whenever I'm there, but tonight it felt especially perfect. There were a lot of big election night parties going on all over the city (of couple of which I had considered going to) but ultimately I just wanted to be somewhere a little smaller, funkier, more down-to-earth. Not to mention that Farmer Brown had promised fried chicken on the house if Obama won!

Even though they had the big screen TV going, the scene was still homey and very folksy. From the start of the evening we were already in conversations with people at the tables on either side of us. Everyone seemed to want to be connected to each other on this hopeful night of promise. But I don't think anyone expected such a swift outcome. When the exciting news flashed on screen I let out an unconscious scream of joy. I wasn't the only one. Within minutes everyone was up from their seats, hugging and kissing each other. All around me were faces streaked with tears and stunned, joyous incredulity.

As the evening went on the DJ turned up the music and the fried chicken started pouring out of the kitchen. There's no shortage of things to say about the importance of this night. But beyond all the significant historic and global impact of this election, it also means a lot to me personally.

For one, it gives me hope that maybe I can raise my children in a fairer, more decent world than I had expected for them. The other is that volunteering for Obama's campaign, especially in this last month, has also been a kind of personal salvation. Because of some difficult relationship issues, I've had a hard time keeping a positive and optimistic view of humanity lately. But being part of the campaign really helped me to focus on the bigger picture and see how good people, working together really can make wonderful things happen. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Hallelujah!

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