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The holiday season always send me into cooking and crafting overdrive. In some ways having kids has amplified that (so many things I want to share with them) but at the same time it's also slowed me way down in terms of what I actually have time to accomplish. Pre-kids, by this time of year I would have already had a small assembly line of homemade food gifts–chutneys, preserves, pasta sauces plus whatever crafts I was currently into–soap, bath salts, etched glassware…the list goes on. Now post-kids, I usually try to focus on just one main project for the season plus doing some smaller craft and baking projects with the kids. But every once in awhile I break down and just have to squeeze in an extra impulsive project.

Ever since the fall chill (finally!) was in the air, I've been wanting to felt some wool and make slippers for the boys. So yesterday I went to the local Goodwill and picked up a cute olive green wool snowflake sweater for a couple dollars. Came home and tossed it in the washer on hot. It didn't quite felt up as well as I'd hoped, so I boiled it on the stovetop for a few minutes, washed again and then tossed it in the dryer for good measure. Finally it was small and stiff as a board. Perfect!

I used a cute Burda pattern which you can download for free and printed it at 75% which was perfect for the boys' small feet. A friend and her son joined us and we were able to cut three small pairs out of the one sweater, including double thicknesses for the soles (which I would definitely recommend – one layer of felt is way too floppy).

The top of the slippers is actually the wrong side of the snowflake pattern that ran across the top of the sweater. I actually liked the abstract graphic look of the backside better and it also makes the slippers less seasonal.

The boys love their new slippers so much they asked if they could wear them to bed. As if making them hadn't been satisfying enough!

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  1. These are AWESOME!!!! What a beautiful, simple idea!!!! I’m going to try and make myself a pair. Thanks!!!

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