lighted boat parade

Tonight was the annual Lighted Boat Parade in the San Rafael canal. Every year boaters throughout the county deck out their boats to benefit Community Action Marin, Marin County’s oldest and largest provider of family support services. A friend and I brought our kids and shared a nice glass of red wine at the waterfront as we took in the festivities (everything from lighted kayaks to vintage cabin cruisers.) It was a huge hit with the kids since it had all the light-up bling factor plus water vehicles (the coast guard and police boats were a particularly big hit).

All that nautical exposure put me in the mood for fish and chips so afterwards I headed straight to the my favorite place in the area, Fish restaurant in Sausalito. I’ve been a huge fan of this spot ever since it opened. In an area full of waterfront tourist traps with bad food it was a welcome relief to finally have a place for the locals. I love the industrial/maritime aesthetic (warehouse space, picnic tables inside and out, mason jars for glasses), being able to eat right by the water, and the fact that they are strong advocates for sustainable seafood. Not to mention that the food is delicious. They have a very varied menu with great seasonal specials but I always have a hard time passing up the fish and chips–fresh Alaskan Halibut battered with our local Anchor Steam beer and seasoned
flour. Yum! The only downside is the prices; it’s really expensive. But considering the location, the quality and the ethical food practices I can justify it, just not very often.

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