summer in winter

For the last week or so we've been having these freakishly sunny and warm days. Of course the lack of rain and what this hot spell means in the larger environmental context is extremely concerning, but in a nearsighted, selfish way it sure has been pleasant!

This afternoon my brother and I took the boys for a bike ride in the marshlands along the north end of the San Francisco Bay. The air was so still and the light so crisp it made me want to keep riding and riding and never turn back. 

When we did return home, the fresh evening air inspired me to have a spur-of-the-moment cookout in the garden. Rather than using the barbecue, I set up a grate on our open fire ring so we could sit around campfire style. The boys put their jackets on over their pajamas and we grilled sausages and roasted marshmallows.

It was such a beautiful day. More than the weather and the activities and the food though, what gives me the most joy is being able to share my sense of spontaneity and the importance of celebrating the moment with my children.

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