overnight waffles

So much for the pancake resolution. I kind of knew it wouldn't last given my being more of a savory breakfast person. That plus my tendency to get bored by habit and routine. Last night the kids were talking about waffles so I decided to start a batch of our family favorite–overnight waffles. I've experimented with LOTS of varieties of waffles (sweet potato, pecan, cornmeal, you name it) but these are really so unbelievably good once you eat them you won't want to eat any other kind ever again.

This recipe has been around for a long time but I had never tried it until last May when an old friend Viola (who I had recently reconnected with out of the blue on Facebook) posted a comment about it in her status update. (Inspiration comes in the strangest places sometimes). There are a lot of variations on the basic concept of the overnight (aka raised or yeasted) waffle, but it was Marion Cunningham who made them famous. Here's her recipe

I generally mix equal parts all-purpose and white whole wheat flour to make them slightly (ha!) healthier. But in any case, they are amazing (it's all about the butter!) I've made them tons of times but haven't written about them here before only because they never stick around long enough for me to photograph!

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