egg mctasty

One of my really deep, dark, guilty pleasures is a secret love of Egg McMuffins. I know, I know! You don't have to say anything to me about the many evils of that transfat emporium. But come on, the egg, the cheese, the ham…We all have our vices–at least I don't eat beef!

Anyway, now that I've publicly shamed myself, I do have to note in my defense that it's very rare that I actually indulge in these cravings. It's usually only when I have a road trip or some other last minute foodless emergency as an excuse. (Am I backpedaling fast enough yet?)

Well take this morning for example. The urge struck, but luckily I had the provisions to make my own healthier (and much tastier) version at home–toasted Pugliese bread, sliced yogurt cheese, preservative-free Black Forest ham, and farm fresh organic eggs. The perfect combo of crunchy, chewy, gooey and salty. I'd much rather eat this than drive through the golden arches any day.

Now if only healthy food could be affordable and accessible for everyone. Which reminds me, have you all signed the petition for a sustainable USDA yet?

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