garbanzos and greens

These gray rainy days have me constantly craving all things spicy and/or brothy. A couple weeks ago I satisfied this by making a delicious Malaysian Curry Mee. Then when I was in LA last week, I had the best ramen of my life at Daikokuya. But after attending a workshop on goat butchery, I started thinking about birria. Yes, it was definitely time for a spicy Mexican soup.

There are a lot of good traditional Mexican soup recipes out there, but sometimes being a busy mom means taking shortcuts and working with what you have on hand. Right now I have a lot of chard growing in my garden so I knew I wanted to start with that. A little web research resulted in a very simple recipe for a Mexican-inspired Garbanzo and Greens Stew from Cooking Light (besides the health benefits I’ve found their recipes are always very well tested). This just meant picking up some chorizo from the store and everything else I had in the pantry.

The recipe only took about a half hour to make and then another half hour to cook. Very simple and very tasty and definitely helped fight off the winter blues. Oh, and instead of using queso fresco I substituted crumbled goat cheese as my little nod to the birria I had been dreaming about.

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