breakfast pizza

I’m constantly trying to migrate my children away from the great weekend breakfast triad (pancakes/waffles/french toast) toward savory dishes–for no other reason than that’s what I prefer! (Give me salt and some form of animal fat over sweets any day.) Since they love pizza I hoped a breakfast version might do the trick. But when I suggested this on Friday afternoon they gave it the big thumbs down, at least as far as Saturday breakfast was concerned. They were, however, willing to entertain the concept for dinner.

When I lived in Italy one of my favorite pizzerias made a wonderful pizza Margherita that you could also order with the addition of fresh ricotta and eggs. Thinking of that inspired my creation. I started with a great dough recipe from the blog 101 Cookbooks (originally from Peter Reinhardt’s “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice“). While the original recipe calls for an overnight rest for the dough, I’ve found that a decent two hour rise still makes a perfectly delicious thin-crust pizza.

I made half the dough recipe (using an equal mix of all-purpose unbleached four and white whole wheat)) and divided the results in half again (one for now, one to freeze for later). After stretching the dough out onto parchment paper coated with cornmeal, I topped it with a simple tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and fresh ricotta. I baked on a pizza stone at 550F for about four minutes and then poured each of the eggs (from a cup) onto the pizza and baked again for another five minutes. The crust was crisp, the cheese was melted and the eggs were perfectly cooked (slightly firm but still runny).

All and all a big success. Now I just have start serving it an hour earlier each day until we arrive at breakfast time!

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