potato veggie balls

I’m a big fan of fritters and croquettes. There’s just something about mixing up a few simple ingredients and giving them new life by frying. It’s also a great way to re-purpose leftovers. (See last November’s post on Turkey Croquettes.) Crispy pop-in-your mouth-size foods also seem to ease kids in eating things they might not otherwise like. (And you can keep it reasonably healthy by using a non-stick pan and a slight amount of olive oil for the frying.)

The other day I was reading a recipe for Paneer Koftas in Creamy Saffron Gravy on the blog, Monsoon Spice. It looked absolutely delicious, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time (or the energy) to make the full recipe this week. So yesterday I decided to make a variation of the Koftas (without the gravy) and serve them with just a fresh salad for dinner.

I modified the recipe a little further by substituting Queso Fresco for the Paneer (just because it was easier for me to pick up on my way home) and I also didn’t deep fry them. Turning the soft “balls” from side to side in the pan unfortunately made them lose their spherical shape (hence the strange triangular forms shown above) but that didn’t make them any less tasty. The potato and cheese mixture was creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The kids loved them and I lost count of how many I ate!

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