new chick on the block

At the risk of seeming like I’ve turned this blog into an “all chicken, all the time” format, I have to update on the latest (much happier) developments with our Gallus gallus domesticus. Yesterday we brought home the third chick for our flock, a little black Australorp. In keeping with the convention they established, the boys named her Wednesday. She is very cute and seems to be doing well healthwise. It’s fun to watch her establishing her place with the two bigger chicks.

Tuesday is getting her white adult feathers now which makes her look like she is sporting angel wings.


Meanwhile Monday is going through an “awkward” (that’s the kind word, the more apt description might better be “ugly”) phase as her feathers are coming in in funny clumps and patches. But since today was unseasonably warm (80F!) I brought her outside for her very first stroll in the garden. She had a great time pecking around. (The same could not be said for Tuesday and Wednesday who were left inside peeping incessantly at alarming decibels for the return of their friend.) I can’t wait until they will all be able to be my little free-range garden companions.


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