limoncello intermission

During the cheesemaking process there’s a lot of waiting-around time–when the milk is getting up to the right temperature, when the curds are forming, when the curds are draining etc. So during yesterday’s cheesemaking downtime, Amy and I kept busy by making limoncello from lemons from her mother’s tree.

I haven’t made limoncello in a very, very long time, and when I last did it was from a very simple recipe I had read in Fine Cooking. But Amy had recently stumbled on a random website called Limoncello Quest (clearly made by someone who is limoncello-obsessed!) and wanted to try out their recipe. The technique seemed very well researched and quite promising. I’ll know more in 80 days when it’s ready to drink!

2 thoughts on “limoncello intermission”

  1. I have some in my freezer made by my mom. ~In that bottle of everclear. If you find a nice looking bottle, let me know. Bella Viva has dried lemon rounds (Ferry Plaza FM) which I thought would be cute tied around the neck. I may try drying some myself in my warming oven. Can i please taste your cheese some day?

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