hens in the henhouse

A few weeks ago I finally got the my chicken run and chicken coop ready so the pullets could move outside full-time. But then the weather turned unexpectedly cold and rainy–definitely not an ideal time to transition them from their cozy brooder. (Unless of course you are a normal farmer, not an over-sensitive, over-protective chicken momma!) Being the latter, I’ve been waiting patiently for the weather to warm up.

Yesterday we had a very warm day (77F) so I decided to let the girls brave their first night outside. Of course I had a host of neurotic worries–would they be too cold? (Nights have still been in the low 40s) Would the full moon bring out particularly aggressive/crafty behavior in nearby predators? (coyotes etc.) But I assured myself that the run was secure and that the pullets could always huddle together for warmth.

Needless to say, they were fine. More than fine actually, they seem to really be enjoying their new home. It’s so great to see all their innate behaviors coming out. I could stand out there and watch them for hours–pecking, chasing each other, taking dirt baths. They are hilarious. I need to take some video soon.

(Note: I had the coop (not the run) made by Wes at Be Creative Wood Works. I think he did a great job for a reasonable price.)

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