finally…the wheat harvest!

Back in October, I got this crazy idea to try planting a "micro crop" of winter wheat in my suburban Northern California backyard. I've been gardening for a long time but wheat was definitely way out of my knowledge zone. So I've been documenting this agricultural experiment along the way (planting, sprouting, one month later, more background, tassels, ripening.)

The whole process has been interesting and enjoyable except for the last month or so when I started getting really irritated with it all. The wheat just wasn't ripening as fast I had hoped and was now hogging up my prime vegetable garden "real estate" and preventing me from planting most of my beloved summer crops (tomatoes etc.) I started thinking I had sacrificed a summer of my favorite vegetables for a handful of flour. Argh!

But happily the wheat finally appears to be ready to harvest. (At least, I think it is anyway. The tassels have turned yellow and the grain is hard, but still dent-able with a thumbnail.) Tomorrow I'm going to be out there whacking it down and tying it into bushels. Once it's cured (the kernel hard and no longer dent-able) I'll be able to start threshing and

Of course this still means I'm getting my veggies in really late this year, but at least I'm getting them in! It's going to be a busy weekend.

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