frog release!

Thanks to my gardening frenzy over the last couple months, I've completely neglected to update the status of our tadpole raising project. A few weeks ago our three remaining tadpoles finally turned into little tree frogs. Even though the kids knew what was going to happen they were really amazed and astounded to see the transformation–from fish-like creatures to actual hopping, wall-scaling frogs!

Their metamorphosis also ushered in a dietary change. The boiled and frozen lettuce we were feeding the tadpoles wasn't enough nourishment for the frogs so we switched over to live fruit flies. The frogs' speed and accuracy in gobbling these up was so intriguing to the boys they started calling feeding time "Frog TV."

The whole process of raising these creatures was fun for all of us, but now that they had come to maturity we didn't feel right about keeping them in captivity. So yesterday we decided it was time to release them into the wild.

The creek where our friends originally caught the tadpoles had dried up (thanks to California's third year of drought) so we went to another larger creek close by. It was exciting (as well as a little scary and sad) to see our tiny frogs jump out of their safe home into a new environment. It's always hard to let go of something you've cared for but I hope they have a good life out there. Good luck little frogs!

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