a striped serpent in a sea of cucumbers

I’ve been a very lazy pickler this year. By this time last year I was feeling guilty that I had only made two batches of dill pickles and one of bread and butter pickles. And this summer I still haven’t pickled anything at all! It certainly hasn’t been for lack of ingredients because my cucumbers are coming in way faster than we can eat them. I’m picking at least three and up to ten a day!

Luckily friends keep coming by for fresh produce and I’ve been sending them all home with bags full of cukes (plus squash of course, basil and now corn too). I love feeding my little community but I know I’m going to be lamenting my own lack of pickles in a couple months. Better get to it soon.

I always try to grow several cucumber varieties but this year was the first time I tried the Armenian “striped serpent.” It hasn’t been very prolific but the arm’s-length (and I have long arms!) fruit are spectacular looking!


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